Sell adspace on car

advertisers might take interest in your car.

To attract customers, you could write “buy advertising space on my car” and wait for the advertisers to see read the advertisement on your car and contact you. Or you can join hands with an online marketer. Roping in an Internet marketing firm is an ideal way to sell ad space on your car.

If you’re to buy ad space, where would you look? You would go to the web. Similarly your clients are looking for your offer on the web. Writing “buy advertising space on my car” on the vehicle and move around is also a way to get attention but you would get more visibility, if you show this message online. No website is needed and also you don’t need to join a listing website to achieve this goal. We can help spread your message on the web and we won’t charge for this service.

We would take you to the advertisers interested in your offer. The offer would be visible on a map showing your location and other details. Advertisers interested in your offer would bid to get space on your vehicle. You could select a bid and close the offer. Or wait for the highest bidder to come. It is how you should say “sell ad space on my car” to advertisers.

Everything that is visible could be used as an ad space. Here we are talking about ad pace on a car but you would be amazed to know you could even sell ad space on your body.